Zabrina Sarafina

My name is Zabrina Sarafina; meaning fiery one, but I am often simply called: Goddess by most male creatures.

I was born on March 25 and raised in Chicago, IL. My native background is Middle-Eastern, but as you can see

I manage the English language quite well. I am a natural born dominant woman who lives an extravagant life

of luxury on the back of those who lust for Me. I am mostly recognized for being an extraordinary fascinatrix, pinup sensation, and high-maintenance femme fatale


My life is all about enjoying Myself, expressing My commanding superiority,

and sharing My beauty with My harem of devoted admirers from all over the world











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Look at ME...


do you not want to give to Me, to serve me devotedly,


to become totally and completely MINE?


What really touches Me is a man who cares deeply for My Whole Being


and wants to truly please Me and satisfy MY DESIRES


Giving More to me than you ever thought you may be Capable of


You will slowly fall into the Realm of wanting to Please Me more and more…I will Draw you in… Captivating your every thought….Draining you


There is always a Divine Purpose in life, and I am one that cannot be Ignored


If you are reading this, you are here for a reason... You are being Tapped into by the Universe

to be True to yourself and to be who you really are…..and that is one who loves to be at the Service

of a Powerful Woman. One who finds Pleasure in Giving to… and Adoring doing so


Suffer for MY pleasure, sacrifice for My luxury and comfort, live for My beautiful smile...

you will Pay for My happiness in every way possible and you will learn to LOVE IT


Cater to My every demand. Live to LOVE ME, PAY ME and OBEY ME


To be Fully Engrossed in Serving Me… will far succeed this….as you will want to be

at My beck and call, and under any circumstances fall to my bidding, as I see fit


I have the ability to take everything I Desire, and “you” wanting only to “give”….


Therefore, a Divine Relationship has blossomed,

and the Beauty of what shall be.. shall come to Fruition..


Are you up for the Challenge?





As a genuine moneyslave with an ingrained desire to serve and Worship you will willingly make an initial Tribute

to Me in accordance with your application. This will weed out any fake subs or timewasters who think they can

take up my precious time. Upon acceptance into My harem you will then make regular Tributes to Me  





 I adore receiving gifts and spending your money! I have a list of desired gift cards that can be accessed along

with My Tribute details on the relevant page of this site. For those of you that wish to spoil and pamper Me

in-person you can do so with the opportunity to take Me on a shopping spree, this is at My own discretion

and only for regular contributors as this is an Honor that has to be earned...





Make yourself useful to Me in any way you can.

If I ask you to do something, I expect you to do it immediatedly





 True moneyslavery does not require any effort on My part nor expectations on yours.

However, I do reward My slaves from time to time with my precious time and attention

and various forms of worship





Mind Programming & Hypnosis, Humiliation, Consensual Blackmail, Tease & Denial,

Orgasm Denial, Body Worship, Feminization, Sissification and Forced Intoxication to name a few

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Are you 24/7 into the Dominance scene?


 As a female supremacist, My relationships with men are ONLY in the Dominant/sub realm.

Domination is more than a kinky game for ME. It’s the natural way of life…and I do NOT have normal,

vanilla relationships with men ever. I adore MY lifestyle. I couldn’t imagine living a life where I wasn’t being completely adored, worshipped and supported



What are your favorite kinds of men?


What appeals to ME are true submissive worshippers those who think about Me every day,

those who work hard to be able to make Me happy, those who psychologically invest themselves intensely

in their relationship with Me. I like someone who is perceptive, generous, loyal and someone who uses his creativity to continually try to find new ways and opportunities to serve Me and entertain Me.

Also someone who can communicate well - with whom I can have interesting exchanges



What are your petpeeves?


Dishonest, selfish submissives. Ignorant males who expect a Domme to domme them the way they want,

that she exists for no other reason to fulfill their fantasies, morons who believe they are “paying for a service” instead of “paying for the opportunity to serve and suffer for a Beautiful, Superior Goddess”



My Dominance Philosophy


Dominance is about the WOMAN doing what she likes to do

I am a Living Goddess to be adored, worshiped, spoiled and obeyed

I am the Center of your Universe





I want to send you money but have to be very discreet.

What is the best way for me to show my appreciation for who you are and what you do?


When you send Me money through SQUARE CASH, the only thing that will show up on your statement

is "Square" and the amount you paid, Not My name. You may also send Me cash and other gifts in the mail



How often do you interact with your slaves?


It all depends on their servitude and attitude. I only chat with men after they pay.

Some men I email or text with several times a week and MY truest devoted slaves I talk to almost daily.

Some men have been serving Me faithfully for a very long time...they are just part of MY normal life

and communicating with them about MY day to day happenings comes just as naturally..

as serving and doting on Me daily -- year after year after year, comes to them



Do you need to work or do you live on the money that you get from your devoted paypets?


I do Not have to work, of course not. My job is to be My Gorgeous Self, and enjoy it to the fullest.

I lead a very carefree, self-indulgent existense. My life is pure entertainment, financed by My paypets.

Every day is like a vacation for me



Do you sometimes meet your devotees in person?


Each of My slaves brings unique skills and talents to My Service. Some choose to worship Me

from afar via financial servitude and gifts alone. It depends on their individual abilities,

and desired commitment to Me



What is unique about you?


I am fabulous, daring, exuberant, totally uncompromising and absolutly rockin' it. I know what I want

and I only recognize the existence of men who are willing and able to follow My way and My rules. I enjoy

taking care of My devotees and making sure I always keep themin a painful state of intoxicating ecstasy.

I am really sincere and passionate about My Empire. This is My Superior Way of Living and I lead this

lifestyle very openly. I do whatever pleases Me and makes Me happy!



Ready to submit to your Goddess?


Read the rest of My site thoroughly before even attempting to contact Me